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C Programming Assignment help – C is one of the oldest and popular programming language in the world and yet, it continues to be one of the most popular and most widely used programming languages in the modern world today. C programming has long been regarded as one of the easiest programming languages to learn due to its clarity and simplicity; particularly when compared to other computer programming languages such as Java or Python, which makes it an ideal choice for both students and professionals alike who are new to this field or just looking to expand their knowledge base.

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C Programming Assignment Help

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C Programming Assignment help

Your First C Program

With all these discussions about C language, what better way to learn it than to create your first program? Of course, you can always download free software, but there’s nothing like writing and compiling your own code. Plus, as you write your first C program and compile it successfully on your computer, you’ll feel a great sense of achievement! This tutorial teaches you how to write a simple C program that asks for a username and then prints Hello followed by that username on screen. To do so: Click Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Notepad.

First Steps in C

C is a general-purpose, imperative computer programming language. It was developed in 1972 at AT&T Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie and several others. C is most often used as a systems programming language or for writing applications that have a large base of code already written in C. With just over 30 keywords and an English-like syntax, C is simple to learn and widely used on many different platforms. This beginner’s guide provides you with resources that teach everything you need to know about starting out with C—from compiling programs to understanding pointers—with example code included throughout.

Scope of Variables in C

C is one of those high-level languages that allows you to create and manipulate variables. Variables are places where data is stored, and they have a name, a type, and a value. You can write programs in C if you understand how to use variables. This section covers all aspects of variables: how to declare them, what types there are, how to modify their values by assigning them new ones (or retrieving their current values), and so on.

Arithmetic Operators in C

Arithmetic operators are used to perform mathematical operations on operands. Following is a list of all arithmetic operators supported by C language: + Addition – Subtraction * Multiplication / Division % Modulus ++ Increment — Decrement All unary and binary arithmetic operators in C can be used as prefix and postfix expressions. The increment and decrement operators can only be used as postfix expressions.

In other words, unary and binary arithmetic operator in C always come after a variable name or number; however, you can write ++i or –j before a variable or number if they are part of a postfix expression; but you cannot write i++ or j– directly, because these will be interpreted as pre-increment and pre-decrement expressions.

Relational Operators in C

The relational operators are used to test equality and to provide further conditions on arrays and variables. In order to do a comparison, certain criteria must be met in regards to one of either two operands being relational operators. For example, if one operand is not a relational operator and is then made up of variables that belong to separate types, it is unclear what would be done since there will be no equal signs present which would show relations between both variables.

Also, if none of those criterion has happened before and none occur afterwards, then there would just be comparisons left for regular numbers instead of comparison expressions in C or C++ code.

Structured Programming language

Logical Operators in C

Logical operators are also called boolean operators. These are used to perform a logical comparison between two or more expressions in C and produce a Boolean value i.e., true or false. The result of such an operation is decided based on a condition. These operators can be used to test various conditions like equality, inequality, less than, greater than etc.

A conditional expression is evaluated as true if it has only one expression which evaluates to true else it is considered as false. Two sets of logical operators exist in C programming language: Conditional Logical Operators and Logical AND / OR Operators . The following table shows all these different types of logical operators in C programming assignment help.

Assigning Values to Variables in C

Assigning a value to a variable in C is very simple. A variable name must start with a letter or underscore, followed by any number of letters, numbers or underscores. No other characters are permitted (e.g., @, #). Variable names can be any length and cannot contain spaces. For example

Type Casting in C

This is a tutorial on type casting in C and covers topics like: 1. What is Type Casting? 2. Examples of Type Casting 3. Rules to Type Cast 4. How to Type Cast using Different Data Types? 5. Inline Type Casting in C 6. Compiler Error while Type Casting 7. Summary on How to Type Cast in C Programs 8. Related Tutorials

C Programming Homework Help, C programming help

Decision Making Statements in C

If Statement The most frequently used statement to evaluate a condition is if-else. If statement: An if statement can be used to make decisions based on certain conditions. It consists of an if keyword followed by a conditional expression, which must return a boolean value, enclosed in a set of curly braces Run Program The output produced by C program is given below − Output : 0 is false 1 is true In C programming , any non-zero value means TRUE and zero means FALSE. If else Statement While it’s possible to use if statements on their own, they can quickly become difficult to manage when there are lots of different conditions being tested.

Looping Statements in C

While many programming languages provide different looping structures, in C there are only two: while and for. The difference between them is that a while loop runs until a certain condition becomes false, whereas a for loop repeats a block of code a set number of times. Here’s an example of each

Functions and Subroutines in C

The C programming supports functions and subroutines. A function is a self-contained block of code that performs a certain task. It can be reused in other parts of your program, which is one of its main advantages over subroutines. Subroutines, on the other hand, are sections of code that are not meant to be reused but instead run only once as part of a particular procedure. If you’re looking for example code, check out various references on C and C++ because they tend to have examples that show off different features of these languages’ functions and subroutines capabilities in practice.

Pointers in C

A simple and effective C programming pointer tutorial is something that every beginner of C language ought to know. Here, we will be looking at one of these tutorials called Pointers in C programming . We will discuss about what pointers are, what can you do with them and how it all works in detail here. But before that, let us first take a look at some basic concepts in C Programming . Let us consider a situation where you have to declare multiple variables on one line as shown below The above-given statement declares three integer numbers: x, y and z.

It might come across your mind now why just not use comma (,) operator? Well, if you do so, your code would become ambiguous because it might get misunderstood by compiler whether 1 is intended for x or y or maybe even z. Compiler might actually go astray and assign 1 value to x whereas you wanted y to get 1 instead. So to avoid such ambiguity let us add semicolon (;) after each variable name like we did above.

Help with C Programming Assignment

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Help with C Programming Assignment

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Homework in C Programming Guide to compiling and debugging programmes; Tutoring Help Topics

Variables; Preprocessor macros; C file structure;

Problem statements and functions;

Operators, types, and expressions

Getting back from functions

Sorting and searching algorithms, Arrays, Pointers, Strings

Trees and linked lists

Pointers to pointers, stacks, and queues are all examples of multidimensional arrays.

Libraries, B-trees, and priority queues: how to use and create them

Hash table, function pointers

Some Information About C

The B language was C’s forerunner. During the 1970s, it was available.

The UNIX operating system was responsible for the development of the C programming .

The C programming is the most frequently used and popular computer language.

The majority of the programme is written in C.

The most widely used operating systems, Linux, and the relational database management system MySQL, are both written in C.

The C Programming Language’s Applications

With text files with the extension “.c,” an A-C programme can be developed in three lines to millions of lines. C language codes run as quickly as assembly language codes, hence it was chosen as a system development language. The following are some of the applications of the C programming language:

Compilers of languages

Computer operating systems

Assemblers of text editors

Spoolers for printing

Programs of today

Drivers for the network

Language translates.



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Structure of a C Program

A structured language is the A-C programme. It is made up of numerous pieces that are required to guide a C programme code. The following are some of the basic components of a C programme:

Commands for the preprocessor


Statements and expressions


• Tokens • The Basic Syntax Used In A C Program

A keyword, a constant, an identifier, a symbol, or a string literal are all examples of tokens.

• Semicolons

A c program’s statement terminator is a semicolon. A semicolon marks the end of a logical object in every statement. Here’s an example:

printf(“Hello, World!” n); printf(“Hello, World!” n); printf(“Hello, World!”

0 is returned;

The two lines are two separate statements, each with a semicolon at the end.

• Comments

The C compiler ignores the helping messages of the c statement, which are called comments. As shown in the example, comments begin with /* and end with */.

• Identifiers

The term used to identify a function, a variable, or any other entity is called an identifier. An identification begins with a letter or ‘_’ and continues with a zero, digits, and underscores. In the identifiers, punctuation is not permitted in C characters such as $, @, and percent.

• Keywords

The following are some examples of reserved terms in C:

auto\slong\sbreak\sregister\stypedef\scase\sreturn\sextern\schar\sint\s Packed\sfloat\s• Whitespace

A blank line is one that comprises only whitespace, possibly with a comment, and is completely ignored by the C compiler. In C, whitespace refers to tabs, blanks, comments, and newline characters. Whitespace is used to distinguish one component of a statement from another. It allows the compiler to recognise the beginnings and endpoints of one element in a statement.

C Assignment help service

There are four different forms of data in C.

The arithmetic data type is the most basic. Integer type data and floating-point type data are separated into two categories.

Enumerated data: These are arithmetic data that are used to define variables in the programme that can only assign discrete integer values.

The void type signifies that there is no value to be found.

Array, pointer, structure, function, and union types of data are examples of derived data.


Variables are the name given to the storage region that programmes can manipulate. The variables are of a specified type, which determines how they are laid out and how much memory they have. Variable names can contain digits, letters, and underscore characters, but they must begin with a letter or an underscore. Uppercase and lowercase characters are distinguishable in c since it is case sensitive. Integers, chars, doubles, floats, and voids are some of the most common forms of variables.

The variable definition tells the compiler how much space the variable will take up and where it will be kept.

The variable declaration informs the compiler that a variable with the specified name and type exists, allowing the compiler to continue compiling without requiring all of the variable’s specifics.

Literals And Constants

Constants are predetermined values that do not change during the execution of a programme. Literals are another name for constants. Constants can be any data type, including floating constants, integer constants, character constants, and so on. Constants are comparable to regular variables, with the exception that once defined, their values cannot be modified.


The symbols that tell the compiler to do specific logical and mathematical operations are known as operators. The operators listed below are used to direct programme statements in the C language.

==,!=, >, >=, =======================================

+, -, *, /, percent, ++, — are arithmetic operators.

&, |,, >> are bitwise operators.

||, &&, &&, &&, &&, &&, &&, &&, &

sizeof(), &, *,?, and other operators:

=, +=, -=, *=, /=, percent =, =, >> =, =, >>==============================

Decision Making =, &=, |=

Decision-making structures are structures that programmers specify alongside assertions to be examined by programmes to decide if the statement is true or untrue. The following is a typical decision-making structure:

Assignment writing services

Statement if…else

If statements that are nested

Nested switch statement is a switch statement that is nested inside another switch statement.

C Programming Benefits

The C programming serves as the foundation for many other computer languages.

The C programming provides a wide range of data types as well as sophisticated operators.

Programs built in C are quick, simple to understand, and efficient.

C is a very portable language that may be used on any computer.

For beginners, the C programming language is simple to learn.

It is designed to withstand rough handling.

The C programming language can be used to programme systems.

C is a good supporter of good visuals.

C Programming Language’s Drawbacks

The concept of Oops does not exist in the C programming language.

In the C programming language, there is no way to examine the runtime.

In C, there is no stringent type checking.

In C, the concept of a namespace does not exist.

Destructors and constructors are not available in C.

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